You have something you are passionate about and with that passion comes a message. A message that you want to share with the world. Podcasting is powerful. Producing an episode is the same as sharing a room with hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of individuals attending to hear your message. This is what we mean by powerful.

There are many details that go into a show. You finally decide what to name your show only to find it hard to find the right web address for your online presence. Then you need album art so people can easily recognize your show. The album art also has to match your brand. Some of these details come into play even before you get on the microphone!

Details to consider when starting a show

  • website address
  • web hosting
  • audio hosting
  • album art
  • social media accounts
  • propagation – apple podcasts, stitcher, spotify
  • recording guests, locally or remote
  • show notes
  • scheduling
  • content editing
  • audio production – sampling rate, compression, equalizing, leveling
  • gear – microphone, recording software, mixers, audio interfaces, pop filters, mic stands, cables, headphones
  • promotion

Be sure to check out our podcast worksheet (coming soon) to help get you started.