You could produce your podcast, but your time is better spent building your business. That is why we will sit down with you in order to fully understand the needs around your podcast.

Scenarios are different for each client. You have your podcasting gear and need your show to sound better. Perhaps you are just starting out and need help with your web address or audio hosting. There are a lot of minutia that needs to be considered. No problem.

Podcast Editing

During the recording of one of your podcast episodes you may have a guest that repeats themselves. Filler words are not uncommon to those that are on microphones or do public speaking. Provide us with the files and we will remove the distractions presented in the dialog, and we will do it so that everyone sounds natural.

Audio Engineering

You listen to someone’s podcast and they just sound ‘better’, but you’re not sure why. The seem close the microphone. They don’t sound like they have an echo. They sound clear. To get those results you have to do some post-production audio engineering. This is where we will use our ear to add compression, equalizer, address sibilance, reverb and much more. While we like to think we work magic, it’s very important that the original recordings are as best as they can be. Adding polish to a flawed piece can only get you so far.

Customer Service

We have interacted with people that are paying for podcast engineering services, but their number one problem is the lack of customer service. We understand email is convenient, but there are times you need to speak with a live person. We are not afraid to get on the phone!

Producing a podcast is all about the nuances. It can be difficult to articulate what needs to be done and when, and knowing that your service has your best interest in mind helps. If you don’t sound good, we don’t sound good.

We start off with a one hour, no-charge, consultation. We want to make sure we can help you tell your story. During this conversation we will want to go over the following:

  • Length of your average episode
  • Your podcast’s release schedule – e.g. once a week, twice a month
  • Format – solo show versus host with guests or co-hosts
  • Signal chain and work flow – gear and software you are using
  • Your objectives and any issues that you are encountering – e.g. sound quality, time restrictions
  • Your expectations from a partner

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